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Business Marketing Tips - The decline of Facebook


Facebook has issues. The social media network is expected to reach only 61% of adults this year. Almost 40% of shoppers will be missed if businesses rely solely on Facebook. The social giant became popular with businesses because results are measurable. But issues with news feeds, generational attitudes, cost of acquisition, privacy and other social marketing options have affected the brand.


What to do? The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Reach is important and Facebook at 61% doesn't come close to radio at 90% plus. Also, Facebook is not the only digital product available to advertisers.  Podcast platforms are very hot. Online video of any kind is a real attention grabber. Geo-based mobile advertising can be very efficient. Online sponsorships can also be very effective. If the local high school football team has a meaningful marketing program, you should be there.


The answer to the decline of Facebook is to spread your ad dollars around. It may be simple to measure everything in Likes and Shares but those only go so far. Deeper thought is needed. And remember that the most important part of advertising/marketing is a great offer and a creative ad. Give people a real reason to shop at your place. Do it in a way they will remember.


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