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Etiquette Tip of the Week: Because You Never Know 

by Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor


A friend of mine drove a school bus. She smiled and greeted each student as they boarded, because, she said, "You never know what's going on in their life." She explained, "Maybe they don't have a good home life. Maybe they're bullied by other kids. Maybe they struggle in school. I want them to know I am happy to see them."

That's a great insight. Treat every person like you are happy to see them, especially when dealing with clients. People that appear to have perfect lives, sometimes have a dark cloud of troubles behind the scenes. You never know.


We crave connection – that person-to-person, heartspark contact that lends meaning, security and value to our lives. Being able to connect with others is what it means to be a professional.

Why is connection so important in business? Because connection:
1. Creates loyalty. 
Why do we have trouble changing hairstylists? It's personal. There's a bond. When we have a connection with clients, they never want to leave.
2. Creates open dialogue. 
If a client has a problem with us or our services, we want them to talk to us. Not go home and write an anonymous, negative review online. Connection keeps that line open.
3. Satisfies a basic human need. 
As much as we need today's technology and its instant advantages, we haven't evolved past the need for each other, in person. We need connection for our own well-being.


Do you ever eat out at a restaurant where the food is just okay, because you like the people? Do you frequent any store where goods cost slightly more, because the staff is attentive? That's connection. This week, treat everyone like you are happy to see them. And look for that one who could use some person-to-person contact.


This week, I will be connecting with a big piece of cake, since it’s my birthweek (because, at our house, a birth-day no longer seems like enough.) Need a birthweek gift for a hard-to-buy-for person? Get "The Exceptional Professional" book. It's the gift of Professionalism, that keeps on giving throughout one's career. It also makes a great holiday gift for your staff.


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