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Hey folks!  This is Ken Foxx from WJTH radio and each week through the High School and College Football season I will be giving you my insight and opinions to what is going on in our region!  We are two weeks away from the start of the 2018 High School Football Season and there is so much to be excited for.  Scrimmage games begin next week and we will get a preview of what we may expect for some teams in our area. 

The Calhoun Yellow Jackets come in as the defending state champs in AAA and should be a clear favorite to repeat.  The Sonoraville Phoenix look to improve from last season and get in the playoff hunt for region 6-AAA.  The Gordon Central Warriors are striving for excellence this year and look to challenge their region foes in 7-AA.  The Adairsville Tigers look to build from their playoff appearance from last year and continue to build momentum for 2018. 

Next week I will list the scrimmage games in our area and give you my picks for contenders in Region 7AA and 6AAA.  I am looking forward to some great football coverage this year!


Etiquette Tips

Etiquette Tip of the Week: The Charming Introvert
by Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor

Do you know people who can turn on the charm like a light switch and have a room full of people eating out of their hands? And at other times, they stand back and quietly observe?
Believe it or not, these are introverts. It's a mistake to think being introverted and shy are the same thing. Not all introverts are shy.

Let's take two people at a networking event, one shy and one introverted. Both are lingering on the room's perimeter, seemingly disengaged from the event. The shy person, may desire to socialize, but lacks the ability to do so. It could be out of fear of rejection or fretting over not finding the right words. The introvert, may have the ability to socialize, but lacks the desire to do so.

Introverts often prefer to keep to themselves. A room full of people exhausts them. Whether dealing with a shy person or an introvert, in any business situation, your job is not to "cure" them or "bring them out of their shell." The question every introvert hates is, 'Why are you so quiet?'" said one introvert I know, adding, "I want to say, 'Why are you so loud?'"

I have read articles that recommend asking shy people open-ended questions. But I can't imagine a worse strategy than asking people who don't like talking, open-ended questions that require them to talk more. Shy people may want a friend to cling to, introduce them around and jump start conversations with others. Introverts may not need such assistance but prefer time alone. Don't mistake reserve for arrogance.
Ask questions. Expect to talk more with a shy person, without overwhelming them with non-stop talk. With an introvert, know when to quit early. Success in networking requires flexibility and meeting people where they are.

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Movies and Video Games

Movies and Video Games with Sean

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review – Fun on Repeat

This video game was first released on the Wii U console in 2014. I’m reviewing the updated version on the Nintendo Switch, released July 13th.

Pros and Cons

+ A cute, charming appeal we’ve come to know and love from Nintendo games

+ Limited controls and abilities enhance the puzzles and make them more challenging

+ A simple story that is accessible to players of all ages

– Repetitive and reliant on new objectives in past levels

– Vastly overpriced for the amount of content

– Multiplayer is a complete waste of time that should have been left out

Full Coverage

I always hesitate to say that a game is meant for children, but Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker checks most of the boxes. Cutesy soundtrack, funny characters, accessible gameplay. Most Nintendo games have a universal appeal – especially competitive games with such a massive following as Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart. Captain Toad just isn’t one of them.

At first, I wondered if anyone would repeatedly enjoy something as repetitive as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Many of the puzzles are too easy to feel rewarding, even as they make the most of the Switch’s handheld touchscreen and rotating camera. The game is definitely short, especially considering its $40 price point.

And yet, I enjoyed it enough to keep playing. It’s relaxing fun, even if it feels like a side dish to a larger game.

The game expands on the ‘Adventures of Captain Toad’ levels in Super Mario 3D World by giving the Captain Toad character his very own game. Captain Toad is a limiting character to play as – he cannot jump or attack – but this is to the benefit of the game’s puzzles. Unlike Mario, you can’t just jump out of the way of a Goomba, or a Shy Guy. Part of solving each puzzle is rotating the camera around the small world you’re on to spot hidden pathways, items, and traps for enemies, which is great fun and is well-implemented.

The base story is simple: Captain Toad has to rescue Toadette from Wingo, a massive bird with an appetite for stealing your girl. Before or after you’ve finished the story, every level can be replayed to beat a special objective. Some of these involve not being seen by enemies, others involve finding a hidden collectible. There’s also a ‘hide and seek’ element, where you must find a pixelized Toad hidden somewhere in the map. Unlike the Wii U version of the game, you don’t need an Amiibo to unlock that mode.

I played the game on the Nintendo Switch, almost entirely in handheld mode. The cartoony graphics serve the small screen well, though they are also crisp on a full TV. The new multiplayer mode is atrocious on any screen – one player controls Captain Toad, while the other confusingly manipulates the camera angle and stalls enemies by throwing turnips at them. I feel two characters on the screen would fight to move the camera, so this felt like a lose-lose situation.

The game is cute, cuddly, and fun – and for the most part, it stays that way. The biggest issue with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is that the levels are very repetitive, to the point of being off-putting. If you’ve already played or beaten the game on the Wii U, there’s not much else to see, aside from the new Super Mario Odyssey based levels. I wouldn’t recommend dropping $40 just for those, but I would recommend new players give the demo a try to see if the game is for them.

-Sean Daniel





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